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We currently offer Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin, EOS perpetual contracts, with up to 100x leverage. Come 2020, we are going to support traditional financial products, such as S&P 500 stocks, stock indexes, interest rates, FOREX, commodities, metals, energy, and more, for our users to trade easily and with trust. https://phemex.com/


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ForexPredictions from FAIG

Discover profitable trading opportunity's, This Sub Uses FAIG to predict Forex Patterns

Markets are betting Trump

S&P500 performance in the 3 mos leading up to November (Aug/Sept/Oct) if the market is up, that means stock market betting party in power stays in power. If S&P is down Aug-Oct, markets are betting on change. Going all the way back to 1928, 20 of the 23 election outcomes were accurately predicted (87%), including Trump over Clinton, and every election since 1984. Chart: https://www.forex.com/~/media/research/global/2020/09/lplelectionchart.png

S&P500 Aug- Oct: https://money.cnn.com/data/markets/sandp/It reverts to daily, so you have to click it to "3 month" in the top left corner of the chart.
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Broker to trade the lira and ruble?

Have been using Oanda for years, I’m looking for a US regulated broker with more available exotics. Been demoing forex.com...anyone know if US clients can trade the Turkish lira and Russian ruble through forex.com?
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Bilgisayar Alacağım Yardım Edin

Arkadaşlar merhaba, bilgisayar almaya karar verdim dolar daha da uçmadan önce. Bilgisayarlar hakkında pek birşey bilmiyorum ama bilgisayar mühendisi dayım var ona sordum bulduğum bilgisayara ihtiyaçlarını karşılar dedi, bilgisayarın özellikleri şöyle :
10/100 Ethernet-VarBellek Hızı-3200 MHzBellek Yuvası-2Bluetooth Özelliği-VarEkran Boyutu14 inçEkran Kartı Bellek Tipi-OnboardEkran Kartı Hafızası-PaylaşımlıEkran Kartı İşlemcisi-AMD RadeonEkran Kartı Tipi-Dahili Ekran KartıEkran Kartı-AMD Radeon GraphicsEkran Özelliği-Full HDEkran Panel Tipi-IPSeMMC Kapasitesi-YokGaranti Tipi-Resmi Distribütör GarantiliHarddisk Kapasitesi-YokHDD Hızı-YokHDMI-Varİşlemci Cache8 MB L3 Cacheİşlemci Nesli-Ryzenİşlemci Tipi-AMD Ryzen 7 İşlemci 4700Uİşletim Sistemi-Yok (Free Dos)Kart Okuyucu-YokKlavye-Q Klavye, Q TürkçeKullanım Amacı-Ofis ve İşMaksimum İşlemci Hızı-4,1 GHzMax Ekran Çözünürlüğü1920 x 1080Optik Sürücü-YokParmak İzi Okuyucu-YokPil-3 HücreliRam (Sistem Belleği)-8 GBRam Tipi-DDR4SSD Kapasitesi-512 GBŞarjlı Kullanım Süresi-6 SaatTemel İşlemci Hızı-2,00 GHzWebcam-Var
Bilgisayarı alırsam en az 5 yıl kullanmayı planlıyorum, pek oyun oynamam oynadığım oyunları da her bilgisayar kaldırır zaten (Event Horizon), oyundan çok photoshop Gibi Adobe Programlarını Çalıştırabilir'mi ? Tradingview, Forex.com Gibi Borsa Programlarını Canlı Olarak Çalıştırabilirmi İşim Gereği Bu Bilgi Çok Önemli Yardımcı Olursanız Sevinirim.
Bilgisayar Linki :
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Need some help in finding a broker ,i have been researching of all brokers basically , and the one i have found that I actually liked and felt safe and comfortable with was FOREX.com, sadly they declined me for no reason.
Cant find any brokers that are good as them , they also have a good mobile App which i liked better than MT4,5.
Any Suggestions?
( Note: in Saudi Arabia. )
Let me Know would appreciate it
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Trouble with tradingview

Hello everyone! I’m sorry if this question is not allowed here, but I can’t find any answers anywhere else. I have a forex.com account linked to tradingview. The currencies I have selected in my watchlist are the forex.com version, however whenever I try to execute trades I get a message saying this symbol cannot be trades through my broker. Any help is appreciated. Thank you :)!
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Forex broker recommendations? UK based

Recently I have been trying my luck with trading FX. I am with forex.com but something happened and they acted like scammer pricks. I dont feel comfortable trading with them any longer. Do you have any recommended brokers regulated by FCA at least. I would trade small personal account and I am interested in currencies, not so much in stocks. Thanks in advance
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Negative account in forex

So.. My birthday just past and I have been debating on where to treat myself.
I decided I want to trade forex live. I have been doing it off and on since the beginning of the year.
Now I want to start a live account but with a few hundred as I am willing to lose that.
My two questions are..
1) lets say put in 500 in my account I buy a lot and it goes down to -500, will my account just shut down and not go any more negative than that?
2) if it does go -500 will I be able to open up a new account later on under the same brokerage
(I am using Forex.com)
thanks all
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Forex broker recomendations

Hi. I am left with some extra money every month, I will try to learn trading on FX market and I am just wondering if anyone can recommend some reliable broker. I have been trading with forex.com for couple of months just small trades and I made a decent profit on shares of a certain company, same day they took all the profits away and my initial investment too. Claiming there was a mistake in pricing. Anyway I consider it a dick move, me paying for their faults... That is under investigation but I do not feel conmfortable trading with them any longer. That is why I am asking for an advice
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How do i turn off margin trading on Forex?

Does anyone know if the Broker trading rule that limits your trades applies to Forex trades? The platform i'm using (Forex.com) I think requires margin trading and i don't want to be limited to 3 trades a day.

How do i turn off margin and just use my cash?
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Market orders get filled at wrong price (Forex)

Market orders get filled at wrong price (Forex)
Hello everybody, rookie question here.
Been trying to learn scalping so I'm practising on a demo account. I have opened a demo account at forex.com and connected that broker to tradingview so I can buy and sell directly in Tradingview.
I use Heikin Ashi bars, so I enter on these bars.
However, when I did a market sell, my orders got filled at a price further away from the actual price. I am aware of slippage, I will show a picture, but this doesn't seem like a slippage to me but I could be wrong.
This is the USD/JPY pair, 5 min bars.
What am I missing here?
Also, would you recommend a specifik broker or platform to use when scalping, maybe to get better real time data or faster order execution?
Thanks in advance!
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Trouble executing trades

Hello! This might be a dumb question, but I’m having trouble with tradingview. I have a forex.com account which is linked in tradingview. I added the currency I wanted to trade to my watchlist (I made sure to choose the forex.com version). However, whenever I try to place trades, I get a message saying the symbol cannot be trades through my broker. Any help is appreciated thank you very much :)!
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Since their support bot can't help, and I can't speak to a real person, can someone help determine my current leverage on Forex.com?

Unlike Oanda, I was not asked or am able to intuitively see what my current leverage is.
Can anyone who uses Forex.com help guide a bit?
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Day trading opnion

Right, how realist would be making $£50 per day trading??
What would prefer Forex or Futures?
What is best for daytrading CFD or spreadbet?
What do think about the CMC, Aonda, Pepperstone, Forex.com?
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How do I close a Forex.com account?

Has anyone ever closed a forex.com account? Can't seem to find information about it anywhere
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So I’ve been doing research online. And I read that if you’re a citizen of the US you can’t trade gold ? But you can invest in futures ? Every time I try to do more digging about this online I can’t find a definitive answer. I get taken to brokers and “how to trade gold” my broker is forex.com by gain capital and they say they offer it but I don’t see it on my platform .
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TimeCoinProtocol Announces Date Of IEO Estimated Sale Price

TimeCoinProtocol Announces Date Of IEO Estimated Sale Price
The official announcement has been published on Globalway website, and contains the information about the upcoming IEO of the project.
The token sale will take place on the BitForex.com exchange (headquartered in Hong Kong) in November 2020 (through 11-12-13 of November). A limited number of tokens will be available for purchasing – just 160 000 TMCN. The price 1TMCN = $0.70 US (with a 30% discount from the standard price of $1 US).
These changes were motivated by the fact that initially, we planned to hold private sales with the aim of creating value using investors, but we are now aiming for long-term value creation rather than temporary value creation using investors. In other words, we are focusing on growing the user base and creating value through the actual demand of TimeCoin.
In addition to this, TMCN tokens will be used by in eSportStars and TimeCoinProtocol, further boosting the growth of both the apps and the token.
For the full text of the announcement, visit: https://www.globalway.co.jp/wp-content/uploads/2020/06/Update-on-disclosure-items-Cancellation-of-private-sales-announcement-of-the-IEO-dates-change-of-the-estimated-sale-price-etc.-of-TimeCoin-at-the-IEO-1.pdf
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Can you trade US30 on Forex.com?

I'm somewhat new to officially trading Forex - although I've practiced on a Demo for quite a while. I typically prefer to trade smaller amounts on US30 but as a U.S. citizen I've found it difficult to get signed up with a broker who does US30. Is there a way to do US30 on Forex.com? That is what I'm currently using.
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Can`t access my account

I`ve been Trading with a Demo account on Forex.com for some reason I can no longer access my account. Perhaps there is a Demo Account log in somewhere but i can`t seem to find it. :(
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Day trading forex full time now

I was like many of you. Searching stocks premarket ... Trying to find the one that would explode. Only once have I been lucky in 5 months.
I got into forex. Now I'm setting daily targets of 50 on Monday and up by 10 per day every day I can hit target. If I can't hit target i lower it by $10 the next day. In 3 wks I've been able to grow my account by over $200 so far. And that's only on a $1k account. I'm now moving more capital over to forex.com from E-Trade. .
Anyone else on similar findings ?
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Đầu tư forex ở Việt Nam có hợp pháp hay không?

Forex là một kênh giao dịch ngoại hối thu hút sự quan tâm của rất nhiều các nhà đầu tư hiện nay. Nhưng trước khi đầu tư, chắc hẳn ai cũng thắc mắc đầu tư forex có hợp pháp không ? Bài viết này sẽ đi sâu tìm hiểu vấn đề này để cho người đọc cái nhìn khách quan nhất.
Forex là gì?
Forex – Foreign Exchange là quá trình trao đổi ngoại tệ / ngoại hối, và là thị trường tài chính lớn nhất thế giới, với số lượng tiền giao dịch mỗi ngày lên dến 1.95 nghìn tỉ USD ( 2006 ) và năm 2013 là khoảng 4,000 tỷ USD ( 3,98 trillion USD, theo thống kê từ năm 2013).
Các sàn giao dịch Forex thường có trụ sở chính tại nước ngoài, như Sàn Forex.com Uk tại Anh quốc, FXDD ở Mỹ, FXpro ở châu Âu. Các sàn forex này có được đăng ký kinh doanh hợp pháp tại các cơ quan ở nước sở tại, do đó sàn đảm bảo không thực hiện các hành vi gian lận, qua mặt khách hàng. Những sàn giao dịch này có thể giao dịch đối xứng, tương tác với khách hàng.
Đầu tư Forex có hợp pháp không ?
Các ngân hàng thương mại Việt Nam hiện nay hạn chế việc chuyển tiền ra nước ngoài. Pháp lệnh ngoại hối Việt Nam có quy định cấm các cá nhân giao dịch ngoại hối (có hiệu lực từ tháng 3/2010) nhưng chỉ cấm trên lãnh thổ Việt Nam. Trong khi các sàn giao dịch forex trụ sở chính là ở nước ngoài, môi giới cũng ở nước ngoài, họ có đăng ký kinh doanh và đã đạt tiêu chuẩn bắt buộc của các sở giao dịch, hoạt động ngoại hối ở nước sở tại. Thực tế cho thấy các sàn forex phải tuần thủ theo đúng luật nên mới có thể hoạt động hàng chục năm. Nếu các nhà đầu tư quyết định đầu tư vào forex suy cho cùng cũng không phải bất hợp pháp bởi các cá nhân đó không tự động thực hiện giao dịch ngoại hối chuyển tiền ra nước ngoài mà thông qua một sàn giao dịch đã được đăng kí hợp pháp tại nước sở tại. Điều này hoàn toàn không trái với pháp luật Việt Nam.
Thực tế cho thấy ở Việt Nam đúng là các nhà chức trách và pháp luật chưa cho phép, thừa nhận hình thức đầu tư forex. Các sàn forex, các công ty mở ra cho các nhà đầu tư mở tài khoản giao dịch forex cũng là mở theo đường tiểu ngạch, không chính thức đăng kí kinh doanh.
Tuy nhiên, nếu xét về luật thì ta thấy không có luật nào của Việt Nam cấm việc đầu tư vào forex, chính vì thế nên các công ty này vẫn tồn tại. Bằng chứng cho thấy ở miền bắc nước ta hiện nay có khoảng 40 sàn vàng và sàn giao dịch forex vẫn hoạt động. Ở Cần Thơ gần đây cũng đã xuất hiện các sàn giao dịch này. Xét về bản chất thì đây là một kênh đầu tư rất tốt, một sàn giao dịch tốt cho các nhà đầu tư và nó hoàn toàn hợp pháp ở các nước trên thế giới hiện nay, tuy nhiên, đối với Việt Nam thì nhà nước vẫn chưa cho phép nhưng cũng không cấm. Nói cách khác, đầu tư forex không phải là một hoạt động bất hợp pháp, mà đầu tư forex có hợp pháp, vì thế nếu muốn, các bạn hoàn toàn vẫn có thể đầu tư.
Như vậy, trên đây là các quan điểm cũng như các phân tích để đưa ra kết luận đầu tư forex có hợp pháp hay không.
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Currency Exchange APIs

Does anyone have a link or access to the API documentation of Forex.com? It doesn't seem to be publicly available. I'd like to peruse it before deciding to register.
Also, does anyone know if the unofficial Robinhood API supports trading crypto like their app and website do?
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Best Beginner Paper trade account (Canada)

I have been using Forex.com and there are a few minor details I don't like. For example I can't set the starting amount in my account, it is automatically $50,000 and it is throwing me off a little bit as I want to recreate an experience closer to the reality of when I actually open an account. There is also nothing in the way of a walk through of how to actually use the platform etc. I'd like to try more than one broker in any event. Any recommendations on a beginner account?
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X forex - YouTube هكذا يتعامل السيد ياسر السعيدي مع الخسارة بالفوركس Forex FOREX Chart Analysis - How To Read The Forex Market - Top ... Forex Training - TheInsiderCode.com Mac X pt.26a XForex xforexcom - YouTube Forex Currency Trading - TheInsiderCode.com Mac X pt.2a ...

Anders als andere Forex Broker bietet XForex keine allzu vielen Optionen an, um das eigene Konto mit Kapital zu füllen. Hierfür kann man als Trader die eigene Kreditkarte nutzen oder aber eine Überweisung vom Bankkonto vornehmen. Die Einzahlung ist hierbei stets ab einer Summe von gerade einmal 100 Dollar möglich. Wenn die Einzahlung per Kreditkarte vorgenommen wird, ist es notwendig, dem ... Xiorex is an online decor store specialized in top quality home and office decorating products, furniture, lighting, flooring, kitchen, bath, windows, doors, and other decoration related products. Forex Broker PaxForex. You are unlikely to find a more comfortable Forex broker than PaxForex. Our company provides Forex customers the best possible conditions for successful Forex trading. We have offers for both beginners and experienced traders. There are also many different bonuses, which are designed to help any Forex trader in his ... Der Forex Broker bietet seinen Kunden eine Reihe von sicheren Transfermethoden an. Hierzu gehören neben den Klassikern Kreditkarte und Banküberweisung auch die e-Wallets von Skrill, Neteller und CashU. Zudem erlaubt XForex auch anonyme Einzahlungen mit den Prepaid-Karten von Paysafecard und Ukash. Wer ein Girokonto mit Online-Banking besitzt, kann per Sofortüberweisung ebenfalls ... Der Forex-Handel ist günstig möglich, die Spreads liegen in einem normalen Bereich. Für den Handel EUR/USD werden zwei bis fünf Pips in Rechnung gestellt. Der Handel USD/CHF fällt mit vier bis 12 Pips ins Gewicht. Somit sind lukrative Orders möglich. Der Broker bietet ausnahmslos feste Spreads und somit präsentiert man sich im XForex Test sehr zuverlässig und verbindlich. Außerdem ... Easy forex offers the same maximum leverage of up to 1:400, while other CySEC regulated brokers provide even higher leverage levels: FxPro – up to 1:500, FXTM – up to 1:1000. Although a leverage 1:400 truly means that you can start trading with as little as $100 to gain the effect of $400 000 capital, traders must not forget that the higher the leverage, the higher the risk of heavy losses ... اونس طلای جهانی همچنان در حال بهره بردن از ضعف شاخص دلار هست. در ادامه حرکات صعودی طلا تونست بالای مووینگ اوریج ۲۰۰ روزه در تایم فریم یک ساعته بسته شد.

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X forex - YouTube

Sign in to like videos, comment, and subscribe. Sign in. Watch Queue Queue http://www.TheInsiderCode.com - Forex Training - pt.26a with Forex Expert Mac X of The Insider Code. Mac X: Trading the Forex with an Unfair Advantage. Forex... #daytrading #forex #50pipsaday #currency #fx #simpleforextrading #bestforextradingstrategy SIMPLE FOREX TRADING THREE PUSH PATTERNS And The "33 TRADE" 50 PIP... XForex is a Foreign exchange platform allowing traders to trade in different currencies online. XForex's customers enjoy a wide veriety of benefits: Real-tim... Forex Trade With Us http://bit.ly/2EYIbgI Email: [email protected] Brokers I use https://bit.ly/35kgYkc P.S MY INSTAGRAM IS GONE NOW SO IF SOMEBODY W... FOREX Chart Analysis - How To Read The Forex Market - Top Down Analysis Forex Training For Beginner Forex Charts can be quite tricky for people to read and u... هكذا يتعامل السيد ياسر السعيدي مع الخسارة بالفوركس Forex في هذا الفيديو ستشاهد الخبير ياسر السعيدي يشرح ... Xforex is a retail forex broker that first opened its doors in Cyprus in 2003, and is now operating under the license of O.C.M. Markets Online. After much investigation this broker seems to be a ... http://www.TheInsiderCode.com - Forex Currency Trading pt.2a with Forex Expert Mac X of The Insider Code. Mac X: Trading the Forex with an Unfair Advantage. ... Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.